Parenting Coaching & Family Therapy

Family Support For Parents & Carers

As a Parenting Coach, my goal is to provide effective support by working alongside you to highlight the strengths and identify the challenges within your family.

Coaching sessions are parent-led and very solution-focused, so you leave every session with an agreed action plan and clear steps to help achieve agreed goals.

What is Parenting Coaching?

Parenting Coaching is about providing effective support by working alongside you to highlight strengths and identify challenges within your family.

The coaching sessions are parent-led as it rests on the belief that you know your family best; the ability and potential to be a great parent/carer is already within you – you only need my support to recognise this, my help to reduce any parental stress, explore options/strategies that you can implement to address the key issues, develop your existing skills and boost your confidence.

Sessions are also very solution-focused, so you leave every session with an action plan and steps to achieve agreed goals.
The success of the partnership between a parent/carer and a parenting coach is hugely dependent on your ability to be 100% committed to the transformation work that we want to achieve in your family.

As your parenting coach I will work with you to identify what you want to achieve from your coaching sessions. I will listen to you and support you, motivate you, offer guidance to help you reach your goals and overcome any barriers that may be in your way.

As a parent/carer I need your active engagement, active participation and a strong commitment to the work we’re doing together - This is to ensure the best outcomes for you and your family which is the overall goal of our coaching sessions.

Parenting is a relationship that requires intentional and consistent nurturing which enables the building of a healthy long – term parent - child relationship.

As parents/carers we will all need some support at different stages of parenting and it is important to understand that it is absolutely fine and necessary to ask for support – your ability to identify that there is a challenge and ask for support/guidance makes you an intentional, reflective and proactive parent. You may want some support or guidance in certain areas of parenting like Managing Behaviour, SEN, Single Parenting, Effective Co-Parenting, Parenting and Self-Care, Parenting and Stress Management, The Teen Years, Positive Parenting, Feelings/Emotions and Behaviour, Effective Role Modelling, Creating a Family Plan, Sibling Rivalry, Boundaries, Establishing/ Managing Routines, Managing Anger, *Anxiety and lots of more.

What To Expect During Thrive Parenting Coaching Sessions

Coaching sessions can take place over the phone, video call (Facetime, Zoom, WhatsApp video or Skype) via email or in person depending on which coaching package you prefer and works best for you.

All sessions will offer you a warm, friendly, empathetic, interactive, confidential and safe place to express yourself freely. As your parenting coach I will listen to you, highlight strengths, identify challenges, explore options, establish solutions, agree on goals, agree on steps to achieve those goals, celebrate your successes and support you through any challenges.

During each coaching session I will ask you a series of questions to gain an understanding of the current challenges you're facing; I will also explore with you your current feelings/emotions and any impact it is having on your general well-being as this is fundamental to the success of your family’s transformation process – this will enable us to agree on a plan and goal for each week. Weekly action plans and goals will be created in a document which is emailed to you. Depending on your family's situation, you may also need to complete a weekly diary or journal.

Every family is unique, so be assured that your coaching sessions and strategies discussed will be tailored to suit your family’s need.

Parenting Coaching sessions come in packages of 4 or 6 sessions spread over 6 or 8 weeks after which we will review the progress you and your family have made. After 4 or 6 sessions you will also need to complete a reflection sheet and together we will agree on next steps.

Please see below for an overview of the packages - click on the buttons for more information.

Indirect Intensive Package

4 telephone coaching sessions held over 6 weeks with email support

"Oyin is fun, empathetic and friendly with a lot of powerful experiences to share. She is also very patient and knows how to motivate you. She really wants you and your family to succeed."

Clare and John (parents of 2)

Not Ready for 1:2:1 Coaching Yet? That's Ok... Please See Below!

Do you want to sit in the comfort of your own home with friends and family engaging in fun, interactive, solution-focused discussions about similar parenting concerns/challenges?

  • If yes, then my Parenting Party Package might just be what you are looking for!!
  • If you would like to find out more about being a Thrive Parenting Party Host, please click on the 'Parenting Parties' tab on my website to find out more!