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"Oyin has such enthusiasm and offers a great insight of her parenting experiences. She also suggested lots of ideas and strategies for us to use. The whole experience changed our family life."

-Sam.N (Mum of 2) -


Parenting Coaching is about providing effective support to you as a parent/carer by working alongside you to highlight strengths and identify challenges within your family. The coaching sessions are parent-led as it rests on the belief that you know your family best; the ability and potential to be a great parent/carer is already within you – you only need my support to recognise this, reduce any parental stress, explore options/strategies that you can implement to address the key issues, develop your existing skills and boost your confidence. Sessions are also very solution-focused, so you leave every session with an agreed action plan and steps to achieve agreed goals.


I offer 3 packages for one-to-one coaching.

Indirect Intensive Package – This consists of 4 telephone coaching sessions held over 6 weeks with email support between sessions.

Direct Intensive Package – This consists of 4 mixed coaching sessions over 6 weeks with email support between sessions.

New to Parenting Intensive Package – This is for parents/carers with children age 0-5, it consists of 6 mixed coaching sessions over 8 weeks with email support in between.

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I’m a Parenting Coach based in Hertfordshire, UK.

However I am not just another Parenting Coach -

  • I’m a qualified professional who has spent many years not just getting skilled but also supporting and working with hundreds of parents/carers.
  • I’m also a qualified Hypnotherapist with a certificate in counselling skills among other relevant therapeutic skills, so I approach managing and reducing parental stress as well as achieving a happier, peaceful family life in a more holistic way.
  • In addition to all that I have been a married and separated Mum; now a divorced single mum. I’m a mum of twins who are pre-teens and of a singleton who is a teenager. I am also a mum of children with additional needs including medical needs, learning needs and disabilities. I have  been a ‘stay at home’ mum and now a working mum. So ‘I get it’ on so many levels because I have first-hand undeniable experience in a lot of challenging situations that occur in parenting however my 3 boys and I are thriving despite those challenges/setbacks.
  • So, you see I. Am. Not. Just. Another. Parenting. Coach... Maybe I. Am. The. Parenting. Coach. You. Need.