Thrive Parenting Events

Workshops, Discussions & Conferences

As a Parenting Coach, I get invited to speak at various events - I give talks, run workshops and facilitate guided discussions on a range of different parenting themes/topics.

I also run Thrive Parenting Events which are workshops, guided discussions, conferences and retreats.

If you would like me to speak at your event, please contact me for more information.

For more information on Thrive Parenting Events, please see below and visit the workshops page.


Whether I am speaking or facilitating at your event or running my own event -

Thrive Parenting Events are fun, interactive and informative. The audience are captivated, inspired and empowered - every event leaves the audience wanting more. My goal is to create an atmosphere where people feel so comfortable, at ease and interested they don't want the experience to end.

To find out more about upcoming events or to invite me to speak at one of your events, please contact me.

See below for feedback and testimonials!



"Oyin, thank you so much for such a wonderful inspirational session - it was great to find out more about you and your parenting experience."

Michelle, Professional

"Oyin, that was a powerful speech. It helped us enormously to hear your experiences. Thank you so much."

Andy, Professional

"Oyin, thank you for leading the group and for your guidance. The parents found the session very powerful and inspiring - they couldn't stop talking about you and your boys!"

Gemma, Event Host