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Not Just Another Parenting Coach

I’m a parenting coach based in Hertfordshire, UK, however I’m not just another parenting coach – let me tell you a bit more about myself and hopefully you’ll agree enough to give me a call or drop me an email.

  • I’m a qualified professional who has spent many years not just getting skilled but also supporting and working with hundreds of parents/carers.
  • I’m also a qualified Hypnotherapist with a certificate in counselling skills among other relevant therapeutic skills, so I approach managing and reducing parental stress as well as achieving a happier, peaceful family life in a more holistic way.
  • In addition to all that I have been a married and separated Mum, now a divorced single mum. I’m a mum of twins who are pre-teens and of a singleton who is a teenager. I am also a mum of children with additional needs including medical needs, learning needs and disabilities. I have been a ‘stay at home’ mum and now a single working mum. So ‘I get it’ on so many levels because I have first-hand undeniable experience in a lot of challenging situations that occur in parenting however my 3 boys and I are thriving despite those challenges/setbacks.
  • So, you see I. Am. Not. Just. Another. Parenting. Coach... Maybe I. Am. The. Parenting. Coach. You. Need.
  • I am passionate about what I do and I have unique personal and many years of professional experience that enables me to provide an exceptional and excellent service that is centred around empathising with parents/carers, prioritising their self-care, managing and reducing parental stress whilst exploring and implementing tried and tested parenting strategies that many parents/carers I have worked with over the years have found very useful and transformational.
  • As well as running my business as a parenting coach, I also work as a school family worker supporting families across Hertfordshire. I volunteer and have worked with some national charities including Family Lives, National Deaf Children’s Society and Victim Support.
  • I have a degree in law (LL. B honors), I am a qualified Hypnotherapist with counselling skills, I am trained to support/work with families including separated families, parents of children with additional needs and victims of domestic abuse. I am also a Family Links trained facilitator, so I deliver workshops and courses to parents and carers.
  • You can contact me for a free 20 mins chat and let’s start the journey of positive changes for yourself and your family.
  • You can also have a wander round my website, consider the services I offer, read the testimonials and have a feel of the sort of work we can do together.
  • I look forward to talking to you and together we can start the positive transformation of your family life.
  • To talk to me, please complete the enquiry form on my 'Contact' page.
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I've helped a lot of families positively transform their family life and I can't wait to work with you!